Today’s Lesson in Cleaning- It’s not about you its the tools you use!

I’m starting to learn a very important lesson in life that if you have the right tools for any given job then the job becomes easier and less time consuming freeing one up from both frustration, lack of time efficiency and unnecessary exhaustion. Sounds simple right? Like I should have know this before today. Common knowledge right? Well, not really.

Last week as I was trying to manipulate my big bissell vacuum up the stairs while holding the hand held wand that comes with it I couldn’t help but complain in my head, “aargh, this is so heavy! And I have to stop halfway to plug it back in! There has to be another way!” We’ll that night as i layed in bed settling in for yet another sleepless night of random thoughts I remembered this earlier conversation i had had with myself and remembered the handheld vacuum my mom had when we were growing up. I began researching on the inter and guess what I found! A Ryobi hand held vacuum that uses rechargeable batteries! Not only that but we already have said batteries and the charger as my husband uses this for his power tools. I got so excited that I woke him up and said excitedly ‘This! Look! I want this!” My husband shocked that I would ask for something like a vacuum cleaner said “okay we can look into it tomorrow”. Well let me tell you a week later and today i picked it up. I also picked up a window squeegee (like the ones that you find at the gas station for your car) and and some professional like window cleaner (you know like the one you dilute in water like the professionals use) and i flew home.

Knowing I had to go and get my son in about an hour for therapy  rushed to fill the bucket with the cleaner and screwed on the squeegee head. I grabbed a plastic chair and ran out side with said items anxious with anticipation. I began washing the outside windows that for the better part of the summer were so dirty even though i had spent hours tying to get them clean. I dunked the squeegee in the solution and as i soaped the window I couldn’t help but notice how much easier this was already. Long story short twenty minutes later and all my windows were sparkling clean and I wasn’t tired or frustrated and i was ready to tackle the next task.

I unwrapped the vacuum (discarding the directions because we all know “i got this right?”). Inserted the battery and turned it on. I ran to the stairs immediately and within ten minutes the stairs were vacuumed and I still wasn’t tired. I also still had time to spare! Not only were the tasks that used to take me hours with less than acceptable results done but they had never looked better!

Now, maybe I’m a simpleton. Maybe this story is leaving you bored wondering “hey, what’s the big deal?”  We’ll, here’s the big deal. The more housework i get done in less the time the more time i have to spend time with my family not to mention, I am finally figuring out how everyone else seems so calm and rested as they live in spotless houses. Maybe, its time that i stop just looking at the house of my spotless friends, maybe instead should be Asking to see inside the cleaning closet at the tools they are using.

Okay, lets get metaphorical for a moment. Let’s get deep. What life lessons can we learn from this?

First, instead of struggling with the same things you have been struggling with in life maybe it makes sense to step back and have that conversation with someone you know to be excelling at that “task”. It could be anything, like organizing, time management, emotional intelligence, child “management” etc… Because if you are still running around in circles three years from now despite fighting the battle that you see others have conquered it only makes sense to ask them their battle plan.

Second, asking for help or guidance on an issue helps to strengthen relationships which is not only good for your health but can also be a good networking tool for things that may pop up in life. Not only job opportunities but the more people in your networking circle the more connections to more tools you may possibly need in the future.

Third, If something is frustrating you or hindering you from what you desire to do, be, to see (in the case of a more clean house) stop. Just Stop. Stop fighting it and research how to get those things done. I get it, after so long of battling the same battles it sometimes takes us to brink of our anxious selves to figure it out. I’m not sure if its society that teaches us to keep battling in silence or just our internal anxieties of what others will think if we show our weaknessness, maybe its both, but my hockey coach always used to say “ignoring your weaknesses only makes them more profound, the more you use your weaknesses the more a chance you weakness can become your strength”. N

Okay so i get it. My metaphore of cleaning the house may be a bit far fetched and simple but its what i got for ya today. But today, as i look out past my overgrown bushes under my front window at my neighbors perfect landscaping I wont be looking through old water spots and dirt. My view will be perfect, and i will be rested and tomorrow, maybe ill march on over and ask to see in her shed. Maybe then I can have perfect landscaping. The grass doesn’t always have to look greener on one side sometimes if you trade in that old lawnmower for a self propelled one yours can look just as nice.

That’s todays thought of the day and I’m sticking to it! Have a great day y’all and take heart. Whatever your struggles may be sometimes its not what you are doing but the tools you are using. Don’t give up! And remember, ITS THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

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