Caleb-The Boy the Myth the Legend

Caleb (my 8 year old) was scrolling on my computer and came across my wordpress account and said “hey look at all those pictures, where are the pictures of me?” So Yesterday I promised him that I would write a feature article staring HIM. The boy we have called “Master Caleb” a nickname assigned to him during his days of a screaming baby with colic. He has remained in control ever since.

caleb cry

Caleb is often described by his friends as “funny” which, if you ask me, is an understatement. This boy tries to hide it but his hair gives him away at first glance. You will often see Caleb bouncing or doing some silly dance he has learned while playing you tube videos, his favorite dance moves are the floss and the Dab. He loves to play soccer which he has begun to practice at a local indoor soccer arena and says that he wants to learn how to play football but his dad and I aren’t so keen on the idea and often reply “football is really dangerous, why don’t you try flag football”.

On any given Saturday or Sunday you can be assured that if you don’t know what time the Lions or the UofM are playing Caleb will have that answer as the Lions are his favorite team and he enjoys watching football with his dad. (even though his momma is more of a hockey fan and has no clue about the rules of football. I tried to turn him to the other side to no avail).

In Caleb’s off time from school, soccer and when its a football off day caleb enjoys playing on his PS4 that his special friend Mimi had given him. His favorite games are Fortnite and Rocket league. For Christmas he said that he is hoping to get a headset that he can wear to talk to his friends while he plays fortnight while his brother Aiden (who has autism) is in therapy.


If you ask me, Caleb is probably the most resilient kid in the world. In 2016 Caleb was diagnosed with a form a hearing loss that requires him to wear hearing aids but he has not let that stop him from doing anything. He remains at the top of his class in reading and says that Math is his favorite subject. He also has an older brother with severe autism and he never complains about this. When I asked him what it was like having Aiden for a brother he replied “it’s great because we both play with eachother”. When pressed further I asked what he wanted everyone to know about his brother Caleb replied, “that he is nice”. This made my heart skip a beat. Despite all the sacrifices he has made due to his brothers care and needs he only has nice things to say about him and that is just a glimpse into this boys amazing heart.

Caleb maintains a special and simple spirit that is something to be envied. When I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up he didnt say a police man or a fireman like so many boys his age he said ever so candidly that he wants to work at Secret Recipies (like his friends dad) and McDonalds on the weekends. I just love his simple and bright spirit. Caleb is one of those kids that doesn’t need to be in the spotlight but when he is he shines.

“What is one thing in the world you wish could be changed” “I wish that every weekend was warm like summertime” he said. What he doesn’t realize is, that to me, every moment he is around is like summertime because there is a fire in his soul that warms a room almost instantly. I am so proud of the boy that he has become and I know that he is going to grow into one incredible young man. I am so proud to be his momma and I count my blessings everyday that God chose me to watch this amazing boy grow.




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