Dear Child With Autism

Dear child with autism,

I want to tell you that I see you working so hard and I am so proud of you. I can feel your pain when you struggle and that confused look in your eye as you try to detangle what is being asked of you. As I watch you trying to decode please know that I am trying to find a way to help you.

Dear child with autism, I promse that you will always have my full attention as you deserve every moment of my time and every ounce of my energy and just as much as I lead a session I give you full permission to lead as well. This world is yours, make it your own and I promise to offer you new experiences to help you find new things that you love.

Dear child with autism, you are smart and don’t ever let anyone tell you anything less. You see things in this world that others could only dream of seeing. You are able to take an object and see something different than what the rest of the world sees and that, my child, is something that so many of us never even think to ask for.

Dear child with autism, what you can do is limitless. Your strengths far outweigh your weaknesses and because you never give up, neither will I. You are teaching me far more than I am teaching you so, from the deepest parts of my heart, thank you.

Dear child with autism, I will never push you beyond what it takes to introduce you to something new. There is always something new to be explored and to be learned and I will never limit your desire for exploration.

Dear child with autism, You are the worlds greatest teacher on this amazing person that is you. I promise you that I will never shy away from doing what makes you happy even if that means looking silly to others because anyone who thinks we “look silly” are truly missing out on the fun.

Dear child with autism, I will never give up on you. I may not always have the answers and sometimes maybe I even do things wrong but my promise to you is that my heart will always be in that ring with you fighting. You are never alone.

Dear child with autism, You deserve to be you because you are a one of a kind. You deserve to have people enter your world just as much as you are asked to enter theirs. Never give up hope, always have faith and please dont lose the beauty inside that makes you you.

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